Think differently to reach target markets

January 6, 2020

People are bombarded by information. TV, social media, news, and more overwhelm us with more products, services, and ideas than we could absorb in five lifetimes.

It’s therefore critical to think differently when trying to reach and influence your target markets. Unless you’re a celebrity or a top industry leader, sending the same messages in the same way as everyone else is a great way to get ignored.

Here are a few ways to look and think differently to get in the press:

  • Contact media gatekeepers who are relevant to, but not immediately in, your industry. For example, Tom Brady’s publicist may want to put Brady’s insights on leadership and teamwork in front of more than just sports reporters – such as business and education reporters at The Boston Globe or editors at business and education outlets like Inc and Inside Higher Ed.
  • Use objects or imagery to be memorable on TV. Pet stores and shelters should bring animals on-set, a carpenter can bring a nifty tool, and an accountant can bring an oversized spreadsheet.
  • Give gatekeepers exclusive opportunities. Nothing excites a media person more than beating the competition and impressing their boss while doing minimal work. A restaurant should give a prominent food critic the first review of a new dish, and a personal trainer can offer an exclusive live-stream of an outdoor class in the dead of winter.
  • Create partnerships. The new community theater can perform at a children’s hospital around Christmas. This creates a media megaphone for all parties that is often more than twice as powerful as each organization’s individual star power.

Thinking differently can be done on a budget or on a larger scale. It all depends upon your goals and how much you invest in the right strategies. Contact us today to see how you can think bigger, better, and differently to succeed.

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