The Proven Media Solutions Mission

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, it doesn’t matter if you have the world’s best product or service. Our mission is to get your message past the competition, through the media noise, and to your target markets to make a real difference. We’ll help you build trust and accelerate marketing outcomes.


Dustin Siggins



Dustin founded Proven Media Solutions to help clients make an impact by getting in the press. Drawing on 20 years as a writer, journalist, and PR consultant, he has developed an approach that secures media coverage in diverse industries like financial technology, healthcare, education, and politics.

Dustin’s journalism and commentary have appeared over 3,500 times, including in national media outlets like The Washington Post, Forbes, and USA TODAY. This experience laid the foundation for becoming a key communications advisor to several national non-profits and Director of Communications for a national trade association before starting Proven Media Solutions in 2018.

At Proven Media Solutions, Dustin has built a skilled team that turns narratives into successful media campaigns, and helps clients reach target audiences by developing long-term strategies, crafting compelling content, and securing coverage in trusted media outlets.



Director of Marketing & Business Development

Dennis is a 40-year veteran of small business start-ups. A graduate of Bentley College (University) and a lifelong entrepreneur, he has founded successful companies in several industries. Two of his companies have reached millions of dollars in annual sales. Among his accomplishments, Dennis’ marketing program for one of his recent start-ups has received multiple awards from the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association.

Dennis has been an adjunct professor of business plans and financial planning as well as a consultant for small businesses across New England. He brings business planning and branding expertise to Proven Media Solutions’ clients.

Kelly Ferguson


Director of Public Affairs

As Director of Public Affairs, Kelly brings nearly two decades of experience in policy development, government relations, and stakeholder communications to Proven Media Solutions. She most recently led a federal healthcare lobbying team as Vice President at Venn Strategies, achieving impactful public policy outcomes for corporate and nonprofit clients. She has also served as a senior legislative aide on Capitol Hill, specializing in health and economic policy, and holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from George Mason University.

Kelly specializes in helping clients identify stakeholder targets and craft compelling narratives to make a bigger impact with more people at every step of a public relations campaign.

Robert Kuykendall


Director of Accounts

As Director of Accounts, Robert brings two decades of strategic communications and operations management to Proven Media Solutions. He specializes in building messaging narratives and developing outside-the-box solutions, combining long-term vision with execution to achieve today’s objectives.

Robert’s extensive background includes healthcare business development, political campaign consulting, nonprofit executive leadership, and managing day-to-day operations for a private equity firm. His experience is felt across all of Proven Media Solutions’ operations, including developing client strategy, conducting media outreach, fact-checking content, and building repeatable processes.

He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.