About Proven Media Solutions

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, it doesn’t matter if you have the world’s best product or service. Our mission is to get your message past the competition, through the media noise, and to your target markets to make a real difference.

Mission statement

Proven Media Solutions is dedicated to helping great messages reach target markets through the press. We solve your writing and media placement needs, and use strategic planning to maximize the value of each placement.

Senior Leadership




Dustin is the founder of Proven Media Solutions. A journalist by background, Dustin began helping clients accomplish their media placement goals in 2011. His clients and employers have been placed in The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Associated Press, and hundreds of other outlets. One company saw a 600 percent increase in media placements within one year – including national, state, and industry outlets, from regional network television to statewide NPR.

Dustin’s expertise includes creating excellent content on tight timelines, helping clients gain desired media exposure, and creating communications strategies for client success.



Director of Marketing & Business Development

Dennis is a 40-year veteran of small business start-ups. A graduate of Bentley College (University) and a lifelong entrepreneur, he has founded successful companies in several industries. Two of his companies have reached millions of dollars in annual sales. Among his accomplishments, Dennis’ marketing program for one of his recent start-ups has received multiple awards from the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association.

Dennis has been an adjunct professor of business plans and financial planning as well as a consultant for small businesses across New England. He brings business planning and branding expertise to Proven Media Solutions’ clients.