Client Success Stories

How getting in the press accelerated sales

Did you know that getting in the press can drive real dollars to your company or non-profit? When one client came to us seeking a boost for their start-up’s Kickstarter campaign, we developed a strategy that earned them a 600% ROI on their investment in Proven Media Solutions.

Like our other successful clients, this company was prepared to succeed. They spent months designing a product, getting a patent, determining their target market, and establishing credibility through their marketing campaign. They knew who they wanted to reach and what outlets were most important to their target market.

Then came our job:

  • Craft media content
  • Provide high-level strategic recommendations
  • Develop media relationships ahead of the Kickstarter campaign, including through exclusive opportunities.
  • Contact the media at the right time with the right message

Thanks to the client’s preparation and our process for success, we drove thousands of dollars to their Kickstarter page and helped propel them to long-term success.

Why you need good branding before a crisis

Our best clients know that branding is a long-term strategy that builds trust, drives revenue, and protects against critics. As one of our clients found out, this trust was key to refuting false claims made about the client’s services. We had previously helped the client improve his brand presence and credibility through content creation, digital strategy, influencer connections, and media placements – now, we had to use that presence and credibility to quickly respond to critics.

With only a few days to act, we released a statement to the press, published an op-ed, and landed the client on a national television program. This client’s previous, pro-active branding work with us helped set the stage for a successful fast-response, crisis communications program.

Our proven process for press success

Effective publicity accomplishes two goals: reaching and influencing target markets. Proven Media Solutions’ cross-industry process for success is designed to accomplish these goals in a way which turns into real results – as happened for one client for whom we turned press into tens of thousands of website visits from their target markets.

Success with this client started with the right timing and topic – two of the four keys to getting media coverage. The topic was a groundbreaking study, and we timed the push to the study’s release. We developed a targeted media list and content to reach those outlets, and worked closely with the client to ensure that the media message was both attractive and accurate.

And the whole time, our team kept the client’s goal in mind – driving readers to their site. We specifically targeted media outlets which are widely read by leading influencers. One of those outlets drove thousands of industry-leading, highly-educated visitors to the client’s site. Another placement drove tens of thousands of visitors to the client’s site because we purposely went after an outlet that is read by the industry’s top influencers – and one of those influencers, a national radio host, read the study on-air.

The key to this client’s success was the process of listening to the client’s goals and then targeting specific messages to specific outlets to accomplish those goals. And more than 32,000 visitors later, the client was well served.

Getting national press to bring your message to a wider audience

In October 2018, Catholics in 44 nations and 1,300 locations prayed for healing from the Catholic Church’s clergy sex abuse scandal. Proven Media Solutions was hired to help one Louisiana group promote their 800-person local event, “Rosary Around the Lake” as part of a long-term branding strategy to grow the organization’s credibility and fundraising with key demographics.

From September 28 to October 12, Proven Media Solutions developed and initiated a media relations strategy which landed our client interviews and op-eds at influential industry outlets. We also:

  • Developed and coordinated a livestream partnership for the event which resulted in record-high video viewership;
  • Connected with social media influencers who shared the livestream video; and
  • Provided strategic consulting for post-event collateral.

Through working with Proven Media Solutions, our client maximized their event promotion, was placed at top targeted outlets, and broke its record for video viewership of any event they had hosted to that time in their 10-year history.

Making waves to reach the right people in a market

Breaking into an established market is no easy task. In 2019, we were approached by a start-up that wanted to make waves at the nation’s most prestigious sailboat show. This client asked us to take their pre-show preparation and raise their profile to their target market and the industry itself.

The client was prepared for success by:

  • Identifying their niche target market – wealthy people who want an exclusive, no-stress vacation to the Caribbean.
  • Developing relationships with key industry players.
  • Focusing on a niche industry message
  • Investing heavily in e-mail and social media marketing

Proven Media Solutions accomplished the following for the client:

  • Advance coordination of on-site activities with the show’s communications team.
  • Coordinating an on-site interview with the show’s president.
  • Messaging and media trainings for the company CEO.
  • Developed and initiated a long-term press strategy to keep the client in front of key media gatekeepers even after the contract ended.

Successful publicity is not easy, cheap, or fast. Proven Media Solutions was pleased to help a well-prepared client set a foundation to make waves now and in the future.

Helping start-ups spread the word

One of the major challenges Americans face today is how to beat the COVID-19 pandemic. How much do we lock down? What are grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses doing to keep us safe?

Proven Media Solutions was asked by founders Surendra Goel and Ranjit Kohli to develop a message, content, and media relations strategy to help them “spread the word, not the virus” about what Northern Virginia businesses are doing to keep customers safe. We:

  • Advised the Kick Covid leadership team on
    • Crafting effective media outreach content
    • How to best reach key media outlets
    • Best practices to maximize the use of content and media placements
  • Developed compelling website content for Kick Covid visitors to become interested in, and to join, the growing grassroots movement to “spread the word, not the virus.” is one of many local, regional, and national initiatives to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic and return Americans to normalcy. We were proud to bring our skills to the task.