Our Key Services

We specialize in creating your great content and putting it in the press. From the written word to interviews, we help you reach and influence your target markets. Then we use our supporting strategies to create a megaphone effect that maximizes the value of your press.

Content Creation


Thought leadership writing designed to showcase unique points of view, data, and other valuable material to target markets.

Press releases

Writing designed to inform media gatekeepers of events, company updates, and other important goings-on for the purpose of gaining coverage, improving brand recognition, and establishing relationships with key media gatekeepers and outlets.

Blog posts

Shorter written material designed to improve SEO; highlight important company updates, best practices, and client successes; and showcase the company’s ongoing professionalism.

Media Placement


Getting your thought leadership placed in key outlets to drive credibility.

Press releases

We handle the headache of putting your big news in front of the right people.


From print to TV to podcasts, we’ll help you get exclusive interviews with the people your target markets trust.

Media lists

Building a reliable, quality list of relevant media gatekeepers’ contact information for purposes of contacting for op-ed, press release, interviews, and other coverage.

One-on-one outreach

Contacting specific media gatekeepers for exclusive interview opportunities and other key coverage.

Influencer outreach

We’ll help you increase the value of your media placements by connecting your company to industry influencers.

Supporting services

Getting your content in the press or landing you an interview is a tactic. Building an infrastructure to create a megaphone effect for your media placements is a strategy – and in which we specialize to maximize your results.

Communications strategy consulting

  • We provide behind-the-scenes reviews, strategic insights, and recommendations
  • We can help your existing team maximize results
  • Message training
  • We’ll help you find the right words to reach and influence your target markets for networking, media interviews, and more

Press conferences

  • Whether on the phone or in-person, we’ll handle the headaches of putting together a press conference for your major announcements

Digital media strategy

  • We audit your social media platforms and recommend best practices to maximize your social media presence
  • We take over your social media platforms, implementing best practices to improve your reach, drive your brand credibility, and improve sales
  • THE KEY POINT: We use media placements and content creation to improve the quality, reach, engagement, and credibility of your social media content

Digital branding

  • From websites to videos to graphics, we’ll make your message and your brand pop