Support services/Supporting services

Getting your content in the press or landing you an interview is a tactic. Building an infrastructure to create a megaphone effect for your media placements is a strategy – one that we use to maximize your results.

Communications strategy consulting

  • We provide behind-the-scenes reviews, strategic insights, and recommendations
  • We can help your existing team maximize results
  • Message training
  • We’ll help you find the right words to reach and influence your target markets for networking, media interviews, and more

Press conferences

  • Whether on the phone or in-person, we’ll handle the headaches of putting together a press conference for your major announcements

Digital media strategy

  • We audit your social media platforms and recommend best practices to maximize your social media presence
  • We take over your social media platforms, implementing best practices to improve your reach, drive your brand credibility, and improve sales
  • THE KEY POINT: We use media placements and content creation to improve the quality, reach, engagement, and credibility of your digital media content

Digital branding

  • From websites to videos to graphics, we’ll make your message and your brand pop