Does getting in the press really work?

Yes. Our client success stories tell the tales of accelerated sales, increased web traffic, and improved brand credibility – and so does the data. In 2020, the world’s largest public relations firm released a report which showed that 44% of consumers said positive press helped them choose a brand – and 51% of respondents said negative press would drive them away from a brand. The same year, a tech industry PR firm poll found that one positive mention drive 19% of consumers to a company’s site, and after 10 positive media placements, 85% of survey respondents visited a company’s site.

The key to success is getting in the right press to reach and influence your target markets. That’s where we come in.

How does your process work in my industry?

Our process uses best practices to eliminates variables between industries and focus on what works – creating dynamic content, reaching the right gatekeepers, and getting your voice heard by the right people. Just like accountants, bankers, and other specialized professionals, our successful clients have been in diverse industries and run the gamut from small businesses to non-profits and even to specialized professionals like psychologists and attorneys.

Why is accountability important?

Many PR firms and agencies overpromise and underdeliver. You’re trusting us with your brand; our client-centered approach gives you the tools to hold us accountable to deadlines and deliverables.

I already have a marketing budget. Why should I invest in the press?

Marketing and press placements make each other more powerful. Marketing says, “Come buy our product or service.” Getting in the press builds a personal relationship with your target markets by saying, “Come see who we are and what we’re about.” A great marketing program can make media placements exponentially more powerful through e-mail newsletters, social media posts, handouts, and more. And a great press campaign uses powerful tools to reach people in ways that marketing cannot, such as a thought leadership op-ed or an interview that supplements an ad campaign.

How will you keep my voice in the content you write?

Our job is to make the best version of your voice for the press, not to change your voice. You have the final approval on each piece of content, and we put significant time and effort into learning your voice before, during, and after each placement to get it more right every time.

When should I expect to see results from getting in the press?

That depends upon your goals. Some clients see their desired results within weeks; for others, it takes months. We’ll always make sure to give you our professional estimate so you can make the best decision for your brand investment.

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