Success is not guaranteed. Our good-faith pledge is.

December 28, 2019

We envy roofers, apple pickers, and Uber drivers. Their customers know exactly what they’re getting.

There are few guarantees in publicity. Proven Media Solutions pledges the next best thing – a “good-faith effort” to put clients in the press. This pledge is part of our process for success, and it safeguards your money, tailors our work to your specific goals, and eliminates as many variables as possible.

It also produces ROI worth paying for. Here’s how it works.

Safeguarding client money

A roofer’s pledge is that your roof won’t leak. Everything else – shingles or metal, colors, and when the work will be done – comes after you believe the roofer’s promise.

Our pledge is like that – we are going to make your brand as leak-proof as possible. And the first step is proving that you are getting real service, not just a “oops, we tried” company. This is why we proudly stand by guarantees for our press release, op-ed, and media placement services, including:

  • Multiple rounds of editing to meet your exacting standards.
  • No media outreach without your permission. You have final approval of every media outlet, every press release, and every op-ed.
  • We pitch op-eds to up to four targeted outlets or until the piece is accepted.
  • For media lists, we regularly contact multiple gatekeepers per outlet to increase the chances of placement.
  • For exclusive media opportunities, we contact up to three gatekeepers or until a gatekeeper agrees to coverage.

These guarantees safeguard your money in two ways. First, multiple options increase the chances of getting you in the press. Second, we are invested in your success – getting it wrong means we have:

  • Lost your trust
  • Squandered your money
  • Burned bridges with media contacts
  • Wasted a lot of our time failing you.

However, hard work alone doesn’t fulfill our good-faith pledge. It also requires a…

Client-tailored approach

The second part of our good-faith pledge is crafting and placing great content which will reach and influence your target markets. This starts with us quickly understanding your brand and your voice so we can deliver results like:

  • Crafting content that will make an impact.
  • Identifying and targeting outlets which reach your target market and will find your content valuable.
  • Establishing relationships with the right gatekeepers at those outlets.

This requires us to work closely with clients, especially at the beginning of a relationship. You’ll get to know us as well as we will know you – and that is the beginning of a successful relationship.

However, having great content doesn’t mean anything if it isn’t placed, which is why we also…

Eliminate external variables

Getting in the press is as much an art as a science. A reporter could get the flu after promising timely coverage. A start-up may be overshadowed by a more established person with the same message. A scandal or a war could dominate the news cycle for weeks.

Our pledge is to eliminate as many variables as possible to ensure your success.  

For example, we maximize value and minimize editing time by crafting op-eds that can be placed at several outlets with minor edits. We make press releases pop by tailoring them to as many target markets as necessary. And if the written word isn’t the best medium for your message, we’ll develop a content and outreach strategy that works for you.

Then we help you develop the pitch – a short e-mail to get a media gatekeeper’s attention. The most important part of that message is the subject line – seven to eight words which must get through the noise of hundreds of other e-mails. The rest of the pitch must

  • highlight an important and relevant topic
  • showcase a title and expertise in the topic area
  • be timed to the gatekeeper’s editorial needs

These are just some of the variables our good-faith efforts address every day. If you are trying to reach and influence your target markets through the press, please contact us so we can have the pleasure of pledging ourselves to your success.

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