The Winning Game Plan

February 17, 2020

Sports in America is more than just a game; it is big business conducting its operations on national television. Soon after Super Bowl LIV, an article in Home Business Magazine by Proven Media Solutions founder Dustin Siggins discussed how the machinations not caught on camera are part of every business, big and small.

In the article, Dustin compared a champion football team to the successful company that is developed over time and contracts are won because of the hours spent working smart. Mastering a field, setting high goals, bringing in the right people, and dynamically adjusting the environment as it unfolds are the keys to success in the long run.

Football teams don’t draw up a new playbook at halftime; they have a plan on how to adjust to the completion that has been practiced since well before the season started. In the same way, a business needs to have its gameplan ready and its team in place well before customers tune in.

Read the article here.

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