Turn one story into four exclusives

February 17, 2020

Media gatekeepers love exclusives. One significant exclusive can make a reporter’s, editor’s, or producer’s week — bringing in readership, establishing credibility with readers and relevant outside observers, and making the bosses very happy. The person who gave the exclusive also benefits through short-term press and in creating a long-term relationship built upon mutual benefit and trust.

The challenge in seeking press is creating exclusive opportunities. Here is how to take one story and turn it into four exclusives.


When schools, hospitals, and art hubs bring in new senior leadership, it matters to their community. Everyone wins when the local television station is given first crack at interviewing the new hire.

The same is true for business groups. A trade association’s new president benefits from giving an exclusive to a trade publication. An established company’s first Senior Vice President of anything is likely to turn media eyeballs.

Press releases

The same hospital or business group that gives an exclusive interview will also send out a press release. Giving a newspaper reporter the first chance to see and write about information is a huge bonus for everyone. And like the TV interview, it will generate longer-term interest in your organization and trust between you and the gatekeeper.

Other collateral

Non-traditional collateral is always appreciated by gatekeepers. For example, do you have video of the new executive giving a speech to staff? Giving that to a radio producer gives the producer great soundbites and unique story angles compared to the traditional “Company hires new person” headline.

Fractional exclusivity

One of the coolest benefits of the modern news world is just how diverse and interconnected everything is. If you live in a diverse area or are with a multi-national corporation, giving exclusive opportunities to language-specific outlets may be a winner. The same is true if you’re a CEO whose company is in multiple industries — each industry can have an exclusive interview opportunity or look at the press release.

Be creative and succeed

Getting in the press requires the fine balance of thinking differently while sticking within written and unwritten norms.

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