Prepare for next year’s press today

February 24, 2020

Getting in the press isn’t a short-win game. Success is built on a long-term strategy which starts today but doesn’t take full effect for months or even years.

Here are three ways to prepare for next year’s press success today.

Develop real media relationships

Media gatekeepers receive hundreds of e-mails each day and dozens of phone calls each week. Getting through to them requires great subject lines and phenomenal content. But for those media outlets which are key to reaching and influencing your target markets, you must also develop real, personal relationships.

This takes time. It may start with a cold call and meeting over coffee. Perhaps a reporter will want to introduce you to their editor, who is the real decision-maker on whether to highlight your work.

Your job in these meetings is to show how your story is interesting and valuable. Show the gatekeeper how your story solves their challenge to develop and deliver quality material to their readers, viewers, or listeners.

Media relationships are like any other — they take time, sincerity, and putting the other person first. And, yes, it might take a year to develop all of that.

Know the industry calendar

Accountants don’t have an easy job. However, they benefit from tax day being April 15 each and every year. Accountants are therefore able to time press placements, social media advertising, and videos months in advance.

What is your seasonality? What industry conferences and similar events are taking place and when? Does Congress regularly impact your industry, or do impactful reports get issued by industry leaders on a predictable basis? Once you know what your industry looks like — nationally, locally, and within your specific market niche — you can tailor your press strategy in advance with greater specificity and success.

What already works?

Whether you’re an accountant or a home builder, there is always a season to your business. Use the past to predict the future by looking at what already works and improving it. Did you get one trade industry placement which turned cold introductions into warm introductions at a conference — and, weeks later, one of those introductions led to a client capture? If that meets your definition of “success,” aim for two placements next time and an exclusive interview with an industry player.

Knowing what worked and continuing to revise your press strategies in light of new information is the key to success.

Seasonality is our specialty

Proven Media Solutions specializes in creating timely, tailored messages for our clients. Contact us today to begin next year’s press, social media, and branding strategies to reach and influence yourtarget markets.

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