Prepared for publicity: A client case study

October 15, 2019

Prepared for publicity: A client case studyThis past weekend, approximately 60,000 people visited Annapolis, Maryland for the 50th annual United States Sailboat Show. Travel agency Soca Caribbean Yacht Charters was one of the hundreds of exhibitors waiting for these sailboat enthusiasts. A first-time Show exhibitor, Soca Caribbean Yacht Charters hired Proven Media Solutions to help them “make waves” to reach customers.

Prepped for success

CEO Sheila Ruffin’s team imitated Lumapod and our other successful clients by being prepared to work with us. Specifically, Ruffin and her team…

  • Identified their niche target market – wealthy people who want an exclusive, no-stress vacation to the Caribbean. This made crafting effective messages much easier.
  • Developed relationships with key players in the industry. This helped make a more impactful press push leading up to the Show.
  • Chose to be forward-looking. Forty-eight percent of Millennials are minorities, which means that America’s most ethnically diverse generation is going to be the yacht industry’s primary target audience in the next two decades. Today, people with money who like yachts are white males; that may not be the case in 2035.
  • Invested heavily in e-mail and social media marketing to reach their target market.

Getting results

Thanks to their preparation, Proven Media Solutions accomplished the following:

  • We established a relationship with Show leadership and their communications team. This increased Soca Caribbean Yacht Charters’ presence at the Show through exposure to on-site media and a Facebook Live interview between United States Sailboat Show President Paul Jacobs and Sheila.
  • Messaging and media trainings ensured that Sheila was ready to speak to press and potential clients alike at the Show and afterwards.
  • We developed a press strategy which put Soca Caribbean Yacht Charters in front of key media gatekeepers.  
  • Our strategic consulting provided the structure for Sheila’s team to stay in front of the media in an ongoing fashion.

Successful publicity is not easy, cheap, or fast. Proven Media Solutions was pleased to help a well-prepared client set a foundation to make waves now and in the future.

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