Branding on a budget: Use your existing assets

October 7, 2019

Successfully branding requires a comprehensive, pro-active look at what a company says, does, and is perceived to be.

It also normally requires a significant investment of time, money, and other resources. For a small business or solo entrepreneur start-up, this may not be feasible. However, a company which effectively uses its existing assets — thinking inside the box, as consultant Susan Trivers calls it — can brand itself quickly and well at minimal cost.

Customers & Colleagues

Employees, professional colleagues and customers may be a small firm’s greatest branding asset. They are all part of your team. Here are three ways that they can boost your credibility fast and efficiently:

  • Do a Facebook Live interview. This is free with an iPhone, it targets your entire Facebook following, and it is likely to be shared by people who are in the video. Stick to one theme or diversify — whatever works for your brand.
  • Include others in your blog posts, press releases, and other traditional media. There is tremendous credibility to a new company that includes outside voices in press placements.
  • Invite people to a launch party, press conference, or other event — and put them first. Just as book authors thank family members and editors, be sure that everyone in your network feels that they are valued.

Multiply your media

We’ve previously analyzed how to double the value of getting in external press. Company-owned media to drive website visitors, maximize SEO potential, and improve credibility is also very important. However, a start-up CEO who wears many hats may feel that he or she doesn’t have the time for regular social media posts, a monthly newsletter, and blog posts.

Joy of Financial Planning author Jason Howell begs to differ. Speaking on a SOAR Community Network Summit panel last week, Howell said that he uses video collateral as blog posts, which turn into social media posts, and which can turn into a company newsletter.

Howell’s efficient use of technology and time is a great example of branding on a budget.

Dare to be different

Start-ups and businesses entering new potential markets often have fewer resources than larger and well-established competitors. Staying within your industry’s “box” is important in some ways — especially if you are in highly regulated fields — but you must also stand out.

One of our clients, Soca Caribbean Yacht Charters, is daring to be different at this weekend’s United States Sailboat Show. A first-time exhibitor at the show’s Vacation Basin, Soca Caribbean Yacht Charters is competing against show veterans to stand out to an anticipated 60,000 visitors. Their plan to succeed includes a brightly colored booth and a mannequin with a massive headdress.

How can you stand out against competition that may be better-funded or have more market share?

Proven Media Solutions can help!

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