Build and brand a high-performance team

September 23, 2019

Are you a senior executive who wants to accomplish goals faster through building and branding a high-performance, mission-focused team? Tomorrow, Proven Media Solutions CEO Dustin Siggins and management consultant John Inscoe will show business owners at The Tower Club Tysons Corner how a successful brand comes from having the right team.

A specialist in business and goal attainment processes, John will outline how to:

  • Establish the right goals
  • Build a high-performance team
  • Execute effective strategies

Once a great team is in place, you have to ensure your target market knows that your firm exists. Proven Media Solutions CEO Dustin Siggins will show how effective brand strategies start with the mission in mind and encompass an organization’s entire identity.

Successful branding only takes place when a company is ready for it. We have highlighted Lumapod’s preparation before — like Proven Media Solutions’ other successful clients, they had the whole package to succeed. They established the right goals, the right strategies to accomplish those goals, and the right team to implement their strategies.

We were proud to successfully develop and execute Lumapod’s brand and exposure strategies. We want to do the same for you. If you’re ready to take your team and company to the next level, contact us to get started.

Be sure to check back here for video clips from the event!

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