Reaching and influencing target markets: A case study

September 16, 2019

Effective publicity accomplishes two goals: reaching and influencing target markets. Proven Media Solutions’ cross-industry process for success is designed to accomplish these goals in a way which turns into real results.

One recent example of this is a client which hired us to get them more unique website visits. We accomplished this by getting them the right publicity in the sweet spot of their target markets — and by specifically reaching media outlets which have “downstream” influence.

The right timing and topic

This client’s goals were simple but not easy. We waited for the right moment: they published a groundbreaking economic study.

Our team then developed a press release, a media list, and a subject line to get the study in front of the right media gatekeepers. We worked closely with the client to ensure that their messaging with accurately presented with as much attention-getting flair as possible.

We kept the client’s goal in mind the whole time — what message and media outlets would get readers to their site?

The downstream effect

We targeted a number of industry and mainstream outlets for our client. Within the industry outlets, we specifically aimed at those which are widely read by leading influencers.

One of those outlets led 2,000 industry-leading visitors to the client’s site. That was a direct impact from the gatekeeper we contacted.

However, the downstream effect was even more impactful. Approximately 30,000 visitors came to the client’s site because one outlet is widely read by the industry’s top influencers. One of those influencers, a national radio show host, read the study on-air.

Process was key to client success

The most important part of the process for success is understanding our clients. Only then can we find the right publicity for them.

In this case study, we closely worked with the client to understand their goals and messaging. We then took that messaging to the right gatekeepers who influenced the end audience.

We use this process for all of our diverse clients. Contact us to see how we can use publicity to accomplish your goals!

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