Maintaining (Distanced) Relationships

March 18, 2020

While most Americans found themselves suddenly working from home in early 2020, , Dustin Siggins was waiting for the birth of his second child. Dustin and his wife found themselves realizing they would be missing some of the most important aspects of their family life, from going to church to visiting their grand-parents and introducing the new great-grandchildren.

In an op-ed published by FoxNews, Dustin wrote about the decisions his family would have to be making on how to navigate the uncertainty of the coming months. The decisions weren’t just about adjusting to new schedules and work environments, but instead the pandemic meant finding ways to stay connected with family despite having to create a real, physical distance. Dustin advocated for social distancing to be done out of love – not out of fear – because love empowers, but fear reduces what we bring to families, friends, and our businesses.

The same way American families adopted technology to connect with loved ones who are suddenly distanced, American businesses scrambled to react to the pandemic. Those driven by fear often were frozen, waiting on the government or the economy to make new decisions. Other companies invested in new technology, helped their teams develop new processes for success, and created new ways to keep strong relationships throughout the entire company’s infrastructure.

Flipping the switch to a completely new environment is never easy, even if there is little choice.  However, the right partnerships turn the challenge of making necessary transitions into an asset that will help navigate any business through the uncertainty, especially in the digital age.

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