As Coronavirus Concerns Spread, Businesses Are Stepping Up

March 27, 2020

This analysis of business civic engagement during the COVID-19 public health and economic crises was co-authored by Proven Media Solutions CEO Dustin Siggins & Touchdown Strategies President James Davis on March 27, 2020. It may be seen in full here.

The coronavirus has put 2020 on track to have one of the worst non-war starts in modern history. As is often the case with epidemics, people are waiting for government to stem the public health panic with vaccinations, new policies and reassuring leadership. However, businesses are showing that they are able to do more than make money – they are a critical part of civil society.

If there is any chance of stemming the health and economic concerns surrounding the coronavirus, the solution won’t just come from the government. It will come from every part of society working together, especially in an era when Americans have low trust in key institutions.

Businesses have stepped in to fill the void from the beginning. Costco personalized the company’s virus counterattack by having its Chief Financial Officer praise staff on an investor call for their tireless effort to keep supplies in stock and the store sanitized. Starbucks held its annual shareholders meeting virtually on March 18Instacart is hiring 300,000 new employees, while U-Haul gave college students a free month of storage and Uber Eats gave 300,000 free meals to health care workers.

See the rest of the piece here.

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