Fox News op-ed: Social distancing is about love

March 18, 2020

As social distancing begins to shut down the U.S. economy, Proven Media Solutions CEO Dustin Siggins urged Americans to see social distancing as being about love — not fear. The introduction to this Fox News piece is below:

As of March 15 – when this piece is being drafted – I am sitting in a D.C.-area hospital. My second child has just been born, and my wife and I are missing church because of our infant’s vulnerability to a variety of illnesses, including potential vulnerability to the coronavirus.

On the other side of the age range are my grandparents. Pah is 87, has dementia, and was recently transferred from an assisted living facility to a nursing home. Nana’s 86th birthday last week consisted of her being confined to Pah’s assisted living suite, unable to be with her husband of 65 years, return to their home of more than 50 years, or to see local children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

I spoke to Nana on March 13 and again today. She’s lonely, frustrated and suffering. But even if I lived close, I would join with most responsible people in showing love … by not visiting her. Because I want to see her around the holidays, and that might not happen by visiting her right now.

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