Would you settle for a 25% success rate?

December 8, 2019

Did you know that hitting singles 43% of the time would make you Major League Baseball’s most successful hitter, and that Washington Nationals fans bought tickets to watch their team win the World Series on a .242 batting average?

At Proven Media Solutions, we want you to buy a ticket with us knowing that we’ll go to bat for you every day. We aim to get your written content at or above 70 percent – almost to third base – right from the start.

This is the foundation of our process for client success. And here’s the value they get.

Finding the right words fast

Finding the right words has never been more important. In a global world of social media, GIFs, and “five tips for anything you can think of” blog posts, it’s hard to reach and influence your target markets.

We help our clients achieve greater quantity and quality of writing by finding the right words, putting them in the right way, and doing so as quickly as possible. We achieve this by working closely with clients so that their goals are our goals, their words are our words, and their target markets are our target markets.

This lets our clients focus on what they do best instead of spending hours or days putting words to paper. We save them thousands of dollars in aggravation and lost opportunities.

Three kinds of ROI

Putting words on paper doesn’t matter if it doesn’t bring value. There are three types of ROI our writing and placement strategy creates:

  • Hard deliverables such as making more money, getting more website hits, or reaching a specific number of people.
  • Establishment of thought leadership – showcasing your value to your existing and potential stakeholders such as investors, clients, and partners. This can be done for your personal reputation or your company’s brand.
  • Creation of value-add branding which can’t be quantified, but which is as important as gas for a race car driver or sheet music to a violinist.  

A foundation for brand success

Writing is the heart of a many successful branding campaigns. It creates message consistency, pro-active brand protection, and – when things go wrong – a bastion of protection.

Press collateral, social media posts, video scripts, and other tactics can succeed on their own. However, they must be strategic to provide maximum value. We provide the insights to create interlocking strategies of support which create greater short-term accomplishments, protect against weaknesses, and create a foundation for long-term success.

We go to bat for our clients

We go to bat for our clients each and every day. Their ticket to success is our process of working closely with them to know who they are, what they do, and where they want to go. And while Nationals fans may be happy with a success rate of less than 25 percent, our clients aim big to win even bigger.

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