How Miss Nigeria lost the title but won the world

December 16, 2019

Saturday’s official Miss World winner was Miss Jamaica. Her victory will bring money, prestige, and other opportunities.

However, the biggest winner of the night was Miss Nigeria, who lost the crown but crushed the Internet by being more excited for Miss Jamaica’s win than the victor herself.

Here’s how Miss Nigeria lost the title…but won the world.

She was sincere

You have to watch Miss Nigeria to fully appreciate how excited she was for her competitor’s victory. It took her 29 seconds to stop dancing, cheering, and hugging Miss Jamaica. She went all-out on the international stage.

Miss Nigeria’s sincerity was amazing. She didn’t miss a beat celebrating Miss Jamaica’s win in the most expressive way possible. And through it, she won not just the respect of her peers but the awe of pretty much everyone on social media.

By being sincere, Miss Nigeria lost the title but won the world.

She put others first

Sincerity is one of the most important steps of the “know, like, and trust” model of branding and sales. The most successful CEOs implement Miss Nigeria’s model of putting others before herself.

You see it with restaurant ads — they talk about the price, service, and/or food benefits to customers. Thought leaders write articles and make videos which give tips and insights. And the best salespeople seek to provide value to a potential client’s deepest professional and personal needs.

Miss Nigeria’s goal was to win Miss World. She lost the “official” title, but by putting the victor first she won the world, anyway.

She was unique

Being sincere and putting others first doesn’t matter if you can’t stand out from the competition. Apples are apples, but most CEOs want to show the unique value which puts them above the competition.

Miss Nigeria’s unique value was sincerely putting her competitor first. Perhaps yours is customer service. Maybe it’s price, quality, or the fact that you’re local.

Whatever your unique value is, make it shine. Show it in everything you do — from your website to each time the phone is answered. Be like Miss Nigeria, who lost the crown but won the world by still being the most excited person in the room.

Brand recognition wins the long game

Miss Nigeria wasn’t on the stage this weekend to lose the crown or the prestige, money, and influence it brings. However, she will probably have more of all three of those things because of her sincerely unique way of putting Miss Jamaica first.

Companies may not win every contract by sincerely putting others first in a unique way. Non-profits may not get every donation or grant. But Miss Nigeria’s 29 seconds of fame shows us how to lose the battle while winning the war.

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