What’s Your Company’s Flywheel To Have Your Brand Take Off?

March 29, 2021

Dr. Kingsley Kabari started his company seven years ago. At first, it wasa small chiropractic and muscle activation practice. But Kingsley always had a greater vision in mind – turning the Kabari Wellness Institute into a one-stop shop of fitness, healthcare, and wellness. Writing for Forbes, Proven Media Solutions Founder Dustin Siggins interviewed Kabari about his business journey and how using the “flywheel” growth concept kept the health & wellness brand at the center of the Institute while expanding the definition of the brand within its current and future target markets.

Kabari came to America as a 15-year-old refugee. He didn’t let not knowing English hold him back. Since 2014, his chiropractic company became a gym, which led to a larger second location, which made him a landlord for other businesses in the health and wellness sphere. Instead of leasing space to just any tenant, Dr. Kabari’s narrow focus helped build his own brand.

Dustin’s article highlighted how the “flywheel” concept applies to small businesses across all industries. Without changing its core, a business can add top-revenue by:

  • Adding extras, or the add-ons that where a customer will spend the extra dollar because they are already patronizing the business.
  • Creating recurring revenue by building a model where the customer continues to make purchases.
  • Adding relevant services based on seasonality or changing customer needs.
  • Leveraging expertise as a consultant or advisor.

Kabari experienced success because he focused on building the funnel to keep his targeted customers coming back, and making available what those customers would need. Your company can, and should, do the same.

Read the full article here.

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