What’s The Future of Facebook Advertising?

May 24, 2021

Facebook’s brand is a fascinating case study in growth, success, and making enemies. Despite often bad press and attention from politicians, its business model that brings in an eye-popping $84 billion in worldwide ad revenue is facing threats from more places than just Capitol Hill.

Proven Media Solutions owner Dustin Siggins, however, wrote a piece for Forbes.com about howfound that Facebook’s challenges are about to get worse, which could change the landscape of digital advertising for marketers and also present new opportunities. Dustin dug into new privacy measures from Apple and Google that will likely crimp Facebook’s practice of tracking users across platforms. Furthermore, a potential breakup of Facebook’s services by the government would likely increase competition with smaller players in the digital space.

The good news for advertisers is start-ups could begin gaining market share in the digital advertising space by offering a wider variety of platforms to reach customers. Social media environments without Facebook’s content restrictions have strong appeal to users who have become increasingly concerned about thought censorship.

At the end of the day, action taken by federal and state government may have popular support from consumers and Facebook competitors. Digital advertisers should be prepared for a new landscape where multiple social media platforms will be reaching a wider, more diverse range of users.

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