Using Resources and Allies to Secure Press Success

May 27, 2021

Plymouth State University recently profiled four alumni who have recently appeared at One of those people is Proven Media Solutions’ Dustin Siggins, who interviewed his fellow graduates for their key insights into business principles and tactics.

Dustin first interviewed Dr. Kingsley Kabari, an immigrant from Nigeria who owns Kabari Wellness Institute, a quickly-expanding health and wellness business in Seneca Falls, New York. Samantha Kenney, Vice President of Global Marketing for Akumina, provided tactical insights for how technology companies create long-term value for, and revenue from, customers. And self-made millionaire Lee Rashkin, former CEO of the water treatment company Presby Environmental, was quoted about the infamous Robinhood app’s investing debacle.

Plymouth State proudly profiled Dustin, Kabari, Kenney, and Rashkin because it is a small school that puts people in big places. Dustin used the same process to secure this four-part profile as we do for our clients.

Read the full article here.

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