Is your PR vendor building value or just wasting money?

August 20, 2020

Raise your hand if a PR firm has taken advantage of you. Perhaps they promised enormous social media growth or that you’d get into The Washington Post. Thousands of dollars later, you realized that the promises were just expensive words.

Proven Media Solutions was founded so that you never have to work with “experts” who are better at taking your money than providing value. We’ve chosen an ethics-based, metrics-focused process that provides security for your money, earns your trust, and drives results.

Here’s how it works.


One of the first things we tell potential clients is that success is not guaranteed. We can’t promise what the news cycle will bring or how a particular editor will feel about your work. We do guarantee professional expertise, our good-faith effort pledge and a process for client success that:

  • eliminates unnecessary variables,
  • tailors your work to your target markets, and
  • gets your approval at every step.

One of the first things most clients receive after signing a contract is an strategic editorial calendar. This is a document that lays out each deliverable, its deadline, and what we need from you to meet that deadline. The calendar allows you to hold us accountable and for our teams to work together from Day One.


The editorial calendar is one way that we set up metrics for success. We also apply classic business principles so that short-term tactics build a long-term strategy to meet your goals.

For example, we won’t publish you just anywhere. We’ll focus on media outlets your target markets respect and that will build your brand, earn customer trust, and accelerate sales. Our digital strategies will turn impressions into followers, followers into engaged followers, and engaged followers into potential clients.

Know what to look for

If you’re looking for an ethical, value-driven PR firm, contact us today. But first, read our CEO’s recent work on ethical digital strategy and value-based earned media. That way, you can hold us accountable every step of the way.

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