How to hire the right PR vendor

August 24, 2020

Last week, we described how we use ethics and metrics to serve clients. Today, we’ll explain three steps that will allow you to quickly and effectively assess whether a PR vendor is worth paying.

  • First, there’s no rush to sign a contract. The right vendor works to understand your goals and strategies, and explains its solutions in a way that you understand before asking for a commitment.
  • Second, step-by-step accountability is part of the deal. The right vendor knows that trust is earned, not demanded. For example, our long-term clients receive a strategic editorial calendar right after signing a contract. This allows them to hold us accountable for dates and deliverables.
  • Lastly, a process for success is clearly laid out. PR firms shouldn’t promise outcomes that can’t be delivered. They should be able to tell you how they will accomplish your goals. For example, our clients know that results can’t be guaranteed – but they also know how we will partner with them every step of the way during a campaign.

Are you concerned that your PR vendor is spending your money but not building value? Read our work on metrics that matter for digital strategy and getting in the press. Thencontact us for a consultation on how to clarify your PR and branding strategies.

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