Client case study: How we’re helping to #KickCovid

August 27, 2020

Millions of Americans have felt helpless as the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the nation. New financial and mental health challenges were created by uncertainty, job losses, and social distancing, in addition to millions of virus contractions and nearly 200,000 deaths.

Each of us has been called to sacrifice. But now we can also join a movement for hope thanks to a new Proven Media Solutions client.

“Spread the word, not the virus”

These six words encapsulate the movement, launched in July by Northern Virginia entrepreneurs Surendra Goel and Ranjit Kohli to help consumers and businesses beat COVID-19.

Surendra and Ranjit created as the crowdsourced answer to society’s most important question – is it okay to go there right now? Their simple and free web app helps people seek and provide information on local businesses’ mask, sanitation, and other COVID-related practices. has already had an impact. Safety data about nearly 1,000 Northern Virginia businesses has been provided by a combination volunteer and professional team, helping people to stay safe and connected. And people are using to create a grassroots movement for normalcy and connection.

Proven Media Solutions’ role

Proven Media Solutions was brought onto the team to provide website content, message development, and press strategy. We advised the core KickCovid team on:

  • Crafting effective media outreach content
  • How to best reach targeted media outlets
  • Using earned media to accelerate the power of KickCovid’s social media platforms

We also developed compelling website content designed to help those curious about make the decision to join the movement.

Join the movement – be part of the solution

Millions of Americans have felt helpless as the coronavirus pandemic swept across the nation. is your way to be part of the future, not scared of the present. You can help spread the word, not the virus. It’s simple, free, and powerful.

Thanks for being part of the COVID-19 solution.

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