Get In The Press By Treating Your Staff Like Royalty During The Pandemic

May 13, 2020

An already crowded digital media world became a lot tighter because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but smart companies are finding ways to stand out because of their strategy. In fact, some businesses are earning great publicity.

Not surprisingly, news outlets in early 2020 were flooded with stories related to the pandemic. Our founder discovered three important ways companies were finding something unique to say about themselves: 1. Putting staff and customers first by returning profits in the form of discounts or bonuses to the employees keeping the business afloat. 2. Donating to food banks or small business advocates that provide emergency support. 3. Revising product development to address shortages of necessary supplies like hand sanitizer.

These companies’ actions aren’t just helping others; they’re also  generating press coverage because of the way they rise above every other story on the pandemic.

Read the full article here.

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