Don’t confuse spam for customer branding

May 13, 2020

As states slowly reopen, companies are adjusting to a new new-normal. In our recent op-ed in InsideNova, we advised Northern Virginia small businesses on how to create valuable customer communications when so many people are burnt out on COVID-19 spam:

  • Provide only added-value messages about your company’s offerings and how you are adjusting to the changing economic circumstances. You don’t want to annoy or bore people who are hitting COVID-19 burnout. Make sure that your core message incentivizes people to open and engage, not hit unsubscribe.
  • Tailor communications to your target markets. Your competitors might have the same added-value messaging, but they don’t offer your services in the exact same way to the exact same customers. Create unique messages tailored to your customer communication preferences.
  • Provide your unique message only when it adds the greatest value. Our InsideNova op-ed highlighted the e-mail strategies of local legal firm FH&H and international membership corporation ClubCorp. ClubCorp sends multiple e-mails per week, while FH&H’s e-mails are timed to very specific COVID-specific legal changes. Both work for their specific target markets — how can you only put unique, added-value messages in front of clients at the right time?

The world continues to be in unprecedented economic turmoil. Contact us today to develop the right brand for your current and future customers, no matter what the future holds.

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