Consumers trust getting in the press: New studies

July 21, 2020

Two new studies show that getting in the press drives consumers’ choices to either enter your sales funnel or leave it altogether.

The first study is Edelman’s Brand Trust In 2020 special report. Forty-four percent of consumers said that seeing positive press would help them choose a brand. Conversely, 51 percent of respondents said negative press would drive them away from a brand!

The other study showed that one positive media mention drove 19 percent of consumers to visit a company’s site. After 10 positive media placements, 85 percent of survey respondents had visited a company’s site.

What is means for you is that getting in the press drives customers to enter your sales funnel. A thought leadership op-ed in the right outlet, an interview with a trusted media gatekeeper, or a press release announcing major company news can be the first step towards customers purchasing your products or services.

We get these kinds of results for clients all the time. From website visits to real dollars to reaching key influencers, we can help you grow sales and increase market influence. Our proven process for success and our good-faith pledge will help you understand how we work and why we’ve succeeded with diverse clients in the financial, technology, and political spaces. We’ll also help you avoid bad press — the kind that drives customers away.

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