Accelerate sales by getting in the press

July 22, 2020

Yesterday, we told you about the new studies which show that nearly 1 in 5 people will visit your website after seeing you in the press, and that getting in the press drives half of potential customers to change their brand loyalty.

Exposure through earned media — like podcast and radio interviews, or article profiles — is a powerful tool to reach and influence target markets. Here are three ways you can use earned media to accelerate sales: 

1. Know your goals. Are you seeking immediate sales results, website visits to impress donors or investors, or thought leadership to drive market influence? The answer will help you create tailored content for quality placements and develop a proven process for press success

2. Maximize the value of your media exposure by:

3. Avoid bad press. The same study that found 44{7c6527512529bb2d1a11cab05ed53e8eecfe721575e8501144ad2deb057fb22a} of customers increase brand loyalty due to earned media also found that 51{7c6527512529bb2d1a11cab05ed53e8eecfe721575e8501144ad2deb057fb22a} of customers reduce brand loyalty when seeing negative coverage. Steer clear of unnecessary controversies while building a durable brand

Do you want to accelerate sales, build market influence, and expand your thought leadership? Contact us to get started! 

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