Bank-shot branding through thought leadership

April 24, 2020

Great press is branding gold for a small business. A thought leadership article or podcast appearance can be turned into website collateral, social media posts and advertising, an e-mail newsletter, and future media placements.

However, most normal topics have already been addressed, often by high-profile leaders. The small business owner may therefore see the most press success by addressing unusual topics which relate to his or her company’s services or products…but are not necessarily something which the company offers. This offers three advantages compared to a more normal topic:

  • The topic offers target audiences unique insights because it is unlikely to have been covered elsewhere.
  • This type of thought leadership is not likely to be misinterpreted by target markets as a hidden sales pitch.
  • Uniqueness plus non-salesy thought leadership means greater trust in the message and the messenger. This can often be the catalyst to a sales conversation.

Three examples of bank-shot branding

  • One of our clients is a private lender. We got them published urging the Small Business Administration to make certain policy changes during the current economic crisis. That’s right — our client helped its target market get money from another source. Doing this earned our client significant gratitude, trust, and greater probability of future business with a number of clients and potential clients.
  • The leadership coaching industry is saturated with experts of various stripes. Breaking free from the pack may require talking about leadership-related topics, such as strategies to reduce staff turnover.
  • Institute for Excellence in Sales President Fred Diamond created his own successful press outlet — the Sales Game Changer podcast. The podcast has received 250,000 downloads and transcript reads since 2017 and played a significant role in doubling the Institute’s sales in 2019. Diamond’s success comes from putting his own goals last, and speaking to guests about their interests — which is why so many guests turn into clients.

Opportunities to reach and influence target markets through the press exist in good times and bad. Contact us today to develop your unique and compelling story.

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