The Personal Touch To Get In The Press

April 3, 2020

Even as the Covid-19 pandemic forced many businesses to pivot into uncharted territories, the needs of most businesses remained the same, especially the continued development of customer relationships. In an article written for Home Business Magazine, Proven Media Solutions founder Dustin Siggins discussed the ways business are successfully – and unsuccessfully – continuing to engage customers.

First, and most important, Dustin warns to resist the temptation to rapidly increase direct sales outreach. This impersonal approach not only turns off potential customers, but it also has no chance of standing out because the customer is swamped by the same pitch from almost every other solicitor.

Instead, customers who feel reached by a company that understands their needs have the highest potential to become buys. Connect with customers on a personal, human level by reaching out one at a time. Repackage services in a way they can be offered to meet an immediate need such as offering free strategy seminars to past clients. Finally, identify ways to complete acts of service and become the neighbor clients need during difficult times.

Remember, your customers are experiencing the same challenges and anxieties you are. Investing in them and communication on a personal level is not only effective, but it is also the right way to navigate your business through stormy waters.

Read the full article here.

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