Turn One Press Placement Into Many With The Media Megaphone

April 19, 2021

One of the most powerful media placement tools is the downstream megaphone effect. Sometimes, this is when an article or op-ed is republished – giving the initial placement multiple homes. Other times, secondary media coverage can create a louder voice for initial media placements.

The latter is what happened when The Finger Lakes Times profiled our founder Dustin Siggins after he gave the Forbes.com spotlight to Dr. Kingsley Kabari, a chiropractor and entrepreneur from upstate New York. Dustin described how Kabari, an immigrant from Nigeria, first became a successful doctor, then grew his brand while staying true to his mission: providing health and wellness services to his community.

When Dr. Kabari bought a 33,000 square foot facility to house his chiropractic office, a fitness center, a spa, and other wellness services, he didn’t just expand his brand – he strengthened it by adding components that would boost each other by offering customers a complete health and wellness experience.

Dustin compared Dr. Kabari’s approach to that of larger companies like Amazon, which have expanded from online book retail to streaming, publishing, and other services. Like Amazon, Kabari focused on processes related to his original brand, allowing him to offer more to his existing customers and bring in new customers at the same time.

Kabari has a powerful story, and putting it into Forbes directly led to local press which reached his target market – the Finger Lakes region community. Read the full article here.

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