The ROI of getting in the press

November 25, 2019

“What is our return on investment?”

We hear this question a lot. Potential clients want to know what value they are going to get for the price they are paying.

It’s a great question, especially since the most effective branding and publicity strategies are long-term investments — often months or years of effort to gain significant results. This is one reason we specialize in putting you in the press – it is a hard deliverable. You can see when you’re in the press. You don’t have to guess.

Here are three ways we help our clients see the ROI of getting in the press.

Dollar-to-dollar ROI

Some return on investment is clear. Just as roofers show value by making sure you aren’t getting rain in the living room, many clients see directly measurable results from getting in the press.

Lumapod is one example. They saw a dollar-to-dollar ROI of 600 percent by hiring Proven Media Solutions to handle media exposure for their Kickstarter campaign. Another client got 32,000 high-quality website hits because they invested in the right publicity strategy.

Clear, measurable, dollar-driven ROI is what many people seek. We work closely with those clients to define success and develop the right strategy to accomplish their goals.  

Establishing thought leadership

Getting in the press also establishes thought leadership – showcasing your value to all of your stakeholders – quickly and effectively. This is done through statements in the press, landing opinion pieces in key news outlets, and getting interviewed on radio, television, podcasts, and other mediums.

Thought leadership has many value-adds for clients. It can help individuals gain greater exposure and improve their brand. It can help organizations show value to donors, investors, and clients. And it provides valuable material for other tools such as company blogs, newsletters, and social media.

The best part about thought leadership is that its initial value can often be seen within weeks of launching. This gives all parties greater confidence in the strategy which is being implemented.

Putting gas in the car

If you use a motor vehicle to travel, you probably fill up on gas a couple of times per month. How much value does filling up the car provide to your job, your organization, and/or your clients, donors, and supporters?

You may have no idea. You just know that it’s important because you need to drive. Without gas, you’re stuck at home instead of meeting with potential clients and picking up checks.

The same is true for services which assist with getting in the press. Media and message trainings, influencer connections, and many other services may not bring a quantitative ROI – but they are often as critical to success as gas in the tank.

Likewise, our Minding Your Business column provides material for partners’ websites, social media, newsletters, and more. Just like gas keeps the car running, the column keeps the online collateral – which is your brand! – fresh and engaging.

What ROI will press success bring to you?

Press success can bring all kinds of ROI. Our process eliminates as many variables as possible to maximize results and to ensure that our clients see the value of their investment. Contact us to see what press can do for you!

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