The Personal Touch Can Be The Gateway To Great Press

August 7, 2021

Life’s most vulnerable moments often require dependence on complete strangers. With a sudden illness or injury, the life and health of a loved one will be in the hands of a team of doctors and nurses we have never met before. In the same way, we make a reasonable assumption every time we drive that others on the road will operate their vehicles in a safe and legal manner.

In a column published by Real Clear Politics, Proven Media Solutions founder Dustin Siggins observed that placing this trust actually happens easily, despite our hesitations around strangers, when his young daughter needed urgent care due to near kidney failure. Dustin writes, “In the midst of this gut-wrenching chaos, my wife and I felt safe as we slept in the hospital room. We felt our daughter was in good hands as complete strangers came and went.”

When it comes to building our brand, the personal touch matters because our customers and outreach targets are conditioned to respond with a level of trust–whether they realize it or not. The Proven Media Solutions brand isn’t built upon sob stories – but the right story presented the right way is compelling, and can get you great press. Create your personal touch with a light touch — don’t do it all the time! — and do it in the way your target markets prefer.

Read the full article here.

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