Super Bowl LIV wasn’t won on the field

February 3, 2020

Last night’s come-from-behind Super Bowl victory was one to remember, and Tyreek Hill’s 44-yard catch may have been the play of the game.

However, Hill’s catch was just 12 seconds out of 3,600 during the game — one-third of one percent of the day’s work which led to victory.

Brands are built the same way. Getting into The New York Times looks great, but are you ready to capitalize on it? Is a big client extra money this month or the start to securing a lot of big clients?

Hill’s catch would have been just a footnote today if his team had not been prepared. Success came from a whole season and post-season of coaching, playing, and training together.

Success is what happens when nobody is looking. The Super Bowl wasn’t won in the 11 to 12 minutes during which the ball was moving. It was won in huddles and on the sideline during the other 49 minutes of play, and in the game’s four hours of television time. It was won in the 23 games the Chiefs played this season and in the six-month off-season when players were drafted and traded.

Your brand is the same way. Everyone see’s today’s big catch. But your brand won’t change unless you can turn it into bigger success tomorrow. You need to recruit, train, and create strategies. Then you need to execute again and again.

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