Spread your message: the multiplier effect of getting in the press

July 6, 2019

One of the most important and popularservices we offer at Proven Media Solutions is getting published. We write and place press releases, blog posts, op-eds for our clients to help their message get to the right audience in the right way.

A key question we always answer is where should our clients get published? There are many strategic and tactical considerations, such as the client’s target market, the client’s key message as related to the news cycle, and how well-established the client is within their vertical.

One tactic we recently used was the multiplier effect of getting a client into an outlet which allows republishing. What this gave our client was:

  • placement at a top-tier industry publication at which they’d never been published;
  • republication at a middle-tier industry publication full of their primary supporters; and
  • links from other industry publications to the original piece.

This multiplier effect is tailor-made for the modern era of news. Social media, blogs, and online-only independent news agencies create megaphones which didn’t exist even 25 years ago.

What’s really cool about this is sometimes the multiplier effect goes in reverse — from the independent outlet to the established top-tier publication. This happened with Proven Media Solutions CEO Dustin Siggins, whose recent piece on personal finance at Real Clear Markets was picked up by The Chicago Tribune, and came to our attention via the third-party independent outlet Press Reader.

Are you looking for your message to get to the right people fast? Contact us today so we can help you multiply your megaphone!

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