Proven Media Solutions taps Venn Strategies’ Kelly Ferguson to lead public affairs

November 1, 2023

Proven Media Solutions has hired Venn Strategies Health Care Practice Vice President Kelly Ferguson as Director of Public Affairs.

“Kelly’s experience as a Hill staffer and lobbyist will help our clients cut through the noise of a social media-driven, 24/7 news cycle,” said founder Dustin Siggins. “Her ability to turn business objectives into impactful public policy narratives will help our clients deliver meaningful results going into 2024 and beyond.” 

“I’m excited to help Proven Media Solutions’ clients strengthen their brand credibility,” said Ferguson. “The complex and quickly-changing media environment means keeping long-term goals in mind while also securing media coverage that makes an impact today.”

Ferguson has spent almost 15 years in public policy. She served as a health care and economics aide to several Members of Congress before earning a Master’s Degree at the George Mason University Mercatus Center. She subsequently provided policy guidance to executives at the healthcare nonprofit West Health before leading Republican healthcare lobbying efforts at Venn Strategies. She and her family reside in Falls Church, Virginia.

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