Proof is in the placements: Our process for client success

September 2, 2019

Proven Media Solutions works with diverse clients. From small businesses to specialized professionals and political advocacy groups to think tanks, our process of putting clients in the press is well-established.

We are frequently asked how one process creates such widespread success. The answer is that we adapt to client needs by working closely with each client. This ensures that everything we do is ordered towards accomplishing their exposure, thought leadership, and revenue goals.

All success begins with the right process. Below is how we put clients in the press and get them on the path to success.

Step 1: Understanding the client

The first thing we do is understand a client. We take a deep dive into client goals, target markets, and strategies to get our team up to speed quickly.

Proven Media Solutions often produces a strategic editorial calendar within 48 hours of signing a contract. We go over this document in detail with clients, clarify expectations, and confirm key messaging points.

This early process is very time-intensive, but it gets the Proven Media Solutions team ready to accomplish client goals.

Step 2: Internal tactical considerations

After developing big-picture strategies, Proven Media Solutions produces a list of media outlets for client approval.

We answer four questions during this process:

  • To what media outlets are target markets paying attention?
  • Who are the gatekeepers at those outlets?
  • How do you get the attention of those gatekeepers?
  • What broad topics are valuable to those gatekeepers?

The answers to these questions support each other. Success can only happen if the right gatekeepers at the right outlets are contacted the right way with the right topics.

Step 3: Contact the gatekeepers

Gatekeepers are the barrier between our clients and clients’ target markets. We implement an effective outreach strategy to break through the proverbial noise of a 24-hour news cycle.

We succeed by answering four final questions:

  • What is the timing of the client’s message? (Gatekeepers won’t care about taxes around Thanksgiving…but they will care in March and April.)
  • Is the message on-point to the client’s mission and goals?
  • What is the spokesperson’s title? (Titles provide clarity and instant verification for gatekeepers. Spokespeople can be senior executives, board members, and even customers.)
  • How will we establish connections? (What style of communication does the gatekeeper prefer? What is the best subject line for an e-mail?)

Step 4: Client satisfaction

Proven Media Solutions is dedicated to client satisfaction. We accomplish this through two key steps:

  • We never overpromise. Our process maximizes client success by eliminating as many variables as possible.
  • We regularly communicate with clients. Clients are kept up-to-date throughout a contract and we produce monthly reports as appropriate. We also normally produce a final report.

We hope this explanation has helped make the Proven Media Solutions path to client success more clear. Contact us today if you have any more questions or to get started on your exposure and publicity goals!

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