Our free guide to getting press that matters

July 18, 2022

It’s hard to get your message through the media noise and in front of your target markets. It’s why we’ve created a free guide to getting in the press – to help you decide which message, outlets, and outreach tools are the best ones to reach and influence your target markets.

Here’s how three diverse businesses could get positive, customer-facing press that makes a difference:

A restaurant may be starting a happy hour with live music. It will want to tell customers and prospective customers about the drinks and music through local and regional press, and reach gatekeepers at those outlets with press releases and one-on-one outreach.

A law firm’s recent victory in a major case has the potential to improve its position within the industry. The firm will want to announce the victory in legal and industry-specific trade publications to reach prospective referral partners and clients, and use press releases, op-eds, and interviews to explain the value of the victory in a detailed and nuanced fashion which improves its trust with, target audiences.

A financial advisor may have the message that economic downturns are great times to invest in the stock market. To reach consumers who are hesitant to invest or are outright pulling money from the market, the advisor will want to use statements, op-eds, and one-on-one outreach to journalists to secure placements in local, regional, and national outlets which cover economic issues.

Our free guide to getting in the press helps you make the right decisions about messages, outlets, and outreach tools, plus other important matters like the timing of your message and choosing the best spokesperson. Download it today.

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