November column: Is your price right?

October 31, 2019

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Is your price right?

In October, The Price is Right aired its 9,000th episode. Guessing has been the name of the game for 47 years and over $250 million in prizes.

Like the show’s contestants, CEOs must get the price right. However, they can’t guess because every dollar counts. On the expense side, a dollar spent poorly is wasted twice due to opportunity cost. Some mistakes are compounded because of fixed costs and debt which are incurred or the cost of hiring and firing a bad employee. On the revenue side, bad prices can attract clients who are low-profit and high-headache…or lose business because they are outside of a target market’s price range.

CEOs must discover if the price is right. They can do this by developing philosophies and strategies for both sides of the ledger.

Featured experts

Since we launched Minding Your Business, Proven Media Solutions has sought to showcase thought leaders and celebrities whose wisdom will help small business owners succeed. Our November column features:

  • Bestselling business author and Bregman Partners CEO Peter Bregman
  • Serial entrepreneur Larry Carver
  • Ortus Academy CEO and financial coach Aaron Velky 

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