Investment Returns on Message Placement

June 12, 2019

Just as strategic product placement can amplify a company’s sales volumes, well-positioned message placement amplifies the reach of a company’s marketing content.

A recent article by our founder on the value of small savings over a lifetime was republished by the Chicago Tribune. The original piece, which was posted by RealClearMarkets, analyzed the potential returns from saving just $3 dollars a day on a cup of coffee that could turn into nearly $900,000by the time a Millennial reaches his or her 70s.

Just as $3 dollars strategically invested multiplies over time, investing in message placement strategy multiplies the reach of company’s communications. The message that hits all the right notes on company website is great in theory, but the reach is limited to only those actively seeking out information on that company. The article highlighted above certainly got attention from RealClearMarkets readers. However, the content’s value doubles or triples when it is picked up by a leading publication such as the Chicago Tribune – the 6th largest newspaper company in terms of circulation.

The right communications strategy in the digital age depends on the value of your message, the style of presenting your message, and the placement  to generate the greatest return, which in this case is the number of eyes the message reaches.

Read the full article here.

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