How great press turns cold calls into warm handshakes

January 4, 2023

Industry conferences are some of the most valuable network-building opportunities. They’re also one of the hardest places to develop relationships because everyone has limited time to accomplish many goals. Most people throw sponsorships, flyers, and business cards at as many people as possible to see what sticks.

A better approach is to plan how to get in front of the right people ahead of time. Keith Ferrazzi popularized one great method – researching attendees, contacting a few people with whom you most want to connect, and organizing individual meetings and small group gatherings on-site.

Ferrazzi’s approach applies the “inch-wide, mile-deep” method of building a network. However, it still requires the same “cold-call” sales approach to meeting people.

But what if you had a strategy to put your name in front of most or all attendees and give you a better chance of success with the Ferrazzi approach? That approach exists, and it starts with putting your name and message in the press.

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