Government Contractors Have an Uphill Battle in Getting Back Pay After Government Shutdowns

February 18, 2019

The recent government shutdown has put government contractors in a bind. Many want back pay for money lost during the shutdown. While this idea has some support in Congress, Proven Media Solutions founder Dustin Siggins wrote in Virginia Business that contractors have a long path to success because their brand is damaged in the public eye. Dustin laid out the challenges which face contractors, and then outlined several strategies for successful rebranding of the industry.

Excerpt from Original Article

Another month, another near-shutdown of the federal government. There have been 21 shutdowns since 1976, according to CBS. The most recent one lasted 35 days – a record length. And others are likely on their way.

Significant attention during the recent shutdown was focused America’s 2.1 million federal workers. Eight hundred thousand employees went without pay until the government was reopened. While federal employees often paid more than their private-sector counterparts, going weeks without a paycheck is difficult for most households.

Federal employee back pay sharply contrasts with how government contractors are not receiving back pay. There are more than 3.7 million contractors, according to a 2017 paper by Professor Paul Light, an estimated 1 million of which CBS reported “are unlikely to get back pay” from the recent shutdown.

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