Find Your Niche To Create Scalable Success

May 11, 2021

Around 80 percent of all companies close at the end of their life cycle. For small businesses, this means zero exit revenue for the owner  and no continuity of operations. However, in an article published by Forbes and Zenger News, Proven Media Solutions Founder Dustin Siggins identified a niche business consultancy in the Washington, DC area helping mom-and-pop business owners find a profitable way to move on the next step in life.

Obsidian Planning Solutions looks to smaller companies earning between $2 million and $10 million annually that are normally not on the radar of high-dollar exit consultants. In an article for, Dustin found that Obsidian’s clients typically have a different motive for selling than larger companies – they want to leave a personal legacy rather than maximize sale price. To help these small business owners, Obsidian acts as a fiduciary preparing a company for the sale and this model has been developed to scale for companies of all sizes.

While the D.C.-area is known for big business and government contractors, the small businesses are the backbone of the city, like any other community. The space filled by Obsidian not only helps owners realize exit revenue, but they keep companies serving their communities and employing local residents for the next generation.

Read the full article here.

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