Business is the ambassador to politics

July 28, 2022

The business community is at the center of a perfect storm. And it’s not a good one.

There are politicians scapegoating entire industries for America’s challenges, while keyboard warriors gin up outrage on social media. Meanwhile, consumers and employees with legitimate and vastly different points of view want companies to exclusively adopt their value systems.

Just as one issue dies down – COVID-related mask and vaccine mandates – others pop up – abortion and gun control. And that’s on top of traditional business and policy challenges like minimum wage laws, hiring and firing standards, and taxes.

The best businesses have a simple value proposition: Providing customers what they want for the price they expect at the time they want it. They also have universal values like paying employees fairly, owning up to mistakes, and treating customers ethically.

And in today’s world, they often need to add one more role: Ambassador.

Ambassadors are at the center of politics. They have opinions. But they do not make themselves the center of politics.

Instead, they offer advice, perspectives, and experience. They help multiple sides see the others’ points of view. Most importantly, they don’t make themselves targets of assassination or war – or, in the business world, the targets of boycotts and bad press which risk reputation and revenue.

It’s time for the business community to turn its reputational tide.

Read more about business’ ambassador role in our recent Washington Business Journal op-ed, and how to drive your business’ positive narrative here.

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