Addition By Subtracting: Reduce Email Anxiety

August 23, 2021

The younger generation glued to their smart phones is an easy target for derision, but many professionals are guilty of the same indulgence. We might not be checking out the latest celebrity gossip on Instagram, but we often find ourselves locked into an email on our browser or in an app – costing ourselves work productivity and emotional exhaustion.

Successful people are proactive, not reactive, and becoming too attached to our inbox means our brains become wired to passive reaction rather than focused on pro-actively changing the world around us. Instead of being goal-oriented, we wait on something to come our way.

The solution, as Proven Media Solutions founder Dustin Siggins writes for Home Business Magazine, can be found in managing how we spend our time dealing with the emails we must address. Structuring schedules to reserve time for answering emails, and then breaking away gives us the chance to focus on the more holistic world of our business and career. Also, Dustin reasons, we should de-clutter our inbox and unsubscribe from every email we don’t need to reduce the incentive to constantly check.

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