Our proven process for press success

Effective publicity accomplishes two goals: reaching and influencing target markets. Proven Media Solutions’ cross-industry process for success is designed to accomplish these goals in a way that turns into real results – as happened for one client for whom we turned press into tens of thousands of website visits from their target markets.

Success with this client started with the right timing and topic – two of the four keys to getting media coverage. The topic was a groundbreaking study, and we timed the push to the study’s release. We developed a targeted media list and content to reach those outlets and worked closely with the client to ensure that the media message was both attractive and accurate.

And the whole time, our team kept the client’s goal in mind – driving readers to their site. We specifically targeted media outlets that are widely read by leading influencers. One of those outlets drove thousands of industry-leading, highly-educated visitors to the client’s site. Another placement drove tens of thousands of visitors to the client’s site because we purposely went after an outlet that is read by the industry’s top influencers – and one of those influencers, a national radio host, read the study on-air.

The key to this client’s success was the process of listening to the client’s goals and then targeting specific messages to specific outlets to accomplish those goals. And more than 32,000 visitors later, the client was well served.