Making waves to reach the right people in a market

Breaking into an established market is no easy task. In 2019, we were approached by a start-up that wanted to make waves at the nation’s most prestigious sailboat show. This client asked us to take their pre-show preparation and raise their profile to their target market and the industry itself.

The client was prepared for success by:

  • Identifying their niche target market – wealthy people who want an exclusive, no-stress vacation to the Caribbean.
  • Developing relationships with key industry players.
  • Focusing on a niche industry message
  • Investing heavily in e-mail and social media marketing

Proven Media Solutions accomplished the following for the client:

  • Advance coordination of on-site activities with the show’s communications team.
  • Coordinating an on-site interview with the show’s president.
  • Messaging and media trainings for the company CEO.
  • Developed and initiated a long-term press strategy to keep the client in front of key media gatekeepers even after the contract ended.

Successful publicity is not easy, cheap, or fast. Proven Media Solutions was pleased to help a well-prepared client set a foundation to make waves now and in the future.