How A Small Business Tech Firm Survived And Thrived During The Pandemic

February 8, 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to overwhelm America’s healthcare system in early 2020, the leadership at Education Management Solutions knew they had to do one thing: keep educating the industry’s reinforcements.

Education Management Solutions develops technology for the healthcare education. However, the State of Pennsylvania’s order to close businesses in March of 2020 put this company with a staff of only 100 employees in a precarious situation. In an article published by Forbes, Proven Media Solutions owner Dustin Siggins laid out how company executives righted the ship while working under tremendous uncertainty.

“Don’t Panic, Assess Risk, Seize Opportunity” was the plan for moving forward. The company was able to keep all staff employed and working at home within 48 hours of Pennsylvania’s mandate. With operations still at full capacity, Education Management Solutions turned its focus to streamlining its platform to keep medical and nursing students still learning and on-track for graduation.

By making the right adjustments, the company was able to open up more education opportunities for frontline healthcare workers. Organic growth increased by 32% and monthly industry webinar attendance increased by 600%. At a critical time for the healthcare industry, Education Management Solutions was making the right decisions to keep the pipeline open for new professionals entering the field.

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