Helping start-ups spread the word

One of the major challenges Americans face today is how to beat the COVID-19 pandemic. How much do we lock down? What are grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses doing to keep us safe?

Proven Media Solutions was asked by founders Surendra Goel and Ranjit Kohli to develop a message, content, and media relations strategy to help them “spread the word, not the virus” about what Northern Virginia businesses are doing to keep customers safe. We:

  • Advised the Kick Covid leadership team on
    • Crafting effective media outreach content
    • How to best reach key media outlets
    • Best practices to maximize the use of content and media placements
  • Developed compelling website content for Kick Covid visitors to become interested in, and to join, the growing grassroots movement to “spread the word, not the virus.” is one of many local, regional, and national initiatives to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic and return Americans to normalcy. We were proud to bring our skills to the task.